Four Little Pills That Changed My Life

Here's my life
In four little pills
Ya...four little pills that control my life
Let me just tell you about these four little pills
These pills...these pills right here
Makes it so that way I can actually function!
I mean seriously...
Who needs a pill just to function in life?
Apparently I do
And then this pill...
This pill right here
Makes it so I look normal
Who wants to be normal anyways?
Well apparently...apparently that's what ALL of society wants me to be!
Let me just tell you...
I wasn't born to be normal
But that's what my doctor tells me I have to be
My doctor says
"Be normal Kim"
"Be normal"
"Take these four little pills"
Cause you know what happens when I don't take these four little pills?
My world comes crashing in
Everything changes
In a blink of an eye
There I am
In the hospital
It's kind of scary actually
To be here one second
And then laying in a hospital bed the next
Some days I wish all of you just understood me!
But the reality is you're never gonna understand me
It gets kind of lonely sometimes
I'm not gonna lie
Taking these four little pills
These four GOD DAMN STUPID pills that I hate!
But I need them just to be normal
Like you
Why do I want to be normal like you?
Oh yeah
Cause the doctors tell me
And my mom and my dad
They're like
"Be normal"
But I don't want to be normal
I want to be great!
Even if it's just for one day...
Just for one day
To stand up
And to be like
"I'm wonderful"
Look at me
Do you see me?
Look past these four FRIGGIN DAMN pills!
Ahh my life
I can't do anything
Without these stupid pills
It's so frustrating
You know?
But what can you do?
I guess everybody has something
Maybe you're really not normal
Who knows?
Maybe you take a pill
Just like I do
I suppose it's possible
I never thought of that
Now that I think about it
Maybe you and I
Are just the same

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